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Part: PESWS-25V-RM33

Phase: Single

Max HP: 1-1/2HP@120V to 5HP@240V

120V or 208-240V Magnetic Coil Voltages

Start/Stop and Reset Prewired External Buttons

Motor Protection Adjustable Overload: 15-23 amps (must be set with FLA rating of motor)

Ambient Temperature Compensated

Phase-loss Sensitivity Protection

Polymeric Non Corrosive, Outdoor, Washdown rated NEMA 4X Enclosure

Box Size: 04

Dimensions: 7.3" tall X 4.1" wide X 4.4" thick

Knockouts For Cable Gland Fittings: 2 X 1/2" top, 2 X 1/2" bottom and 1 X .7" back

2 X Wall Fastner Retaining Brackets 


Price : $ 195.00


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